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What to do in Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell is a town in South-Eastern New Mexico that has been successful to earn the envy of many of its neighbors. A popular downtown setting of restaurants and shops is one of the main attractions of the town’s residents. The Chattahoochee River has also been a major source of entertainment and earnings for both tourists and residents alike. While some enjoy taking a stroll down the riverside in the warm afternoon, others earn their bread by fishing in the river.

Roswell also houses a much-enriched history about the removal of Native Americans from their land. It also witnessed the banishment of workers, mainly women and children, after they were convicted with treason. There is a monument dedicated to the 400 “Lost Mill Workers of Roswell” in Sloan Street Park.

The top 5 tourist attractions of Roswell are quite debatable since the town has so much to offer.

  • International UFO Museum and Research CenterInternational UFO Museum and Research Center

    : International UFO Museum and Research Center tops the list of the main attractions due to the ‘Roswell Incident’ in 1947 where a controversial crash of an UFO was reported.

  • Bottomless Lakes State parkBottomless Lake: A park containing nine small and deep rivers that were caused by the collapse of ancient caves is a great place to take a swim, boat, or just bird watch.
  • Spring River Zoo: A modern zoo inside the extended Spring River park houses a collection of local animals and quite a few strange ones that ignites curiosity in children and adults alike.
  • Historical Center of Southeast New MexicoHistorical Center of Southeast New Mexico: The rich history of the town can only be conserved through the collection of museums. The main museum tells stories about the removal of indians from their land. Losing oneself in a different era is always both an enjoyable, and educational experience.
  • General Douglas L McBride Museum: The museum focuses on the military history, showcasing the uniforms, firearms and decorations. It teaches a lot about the disciplined life of the military people. The exhibits provided are also free.