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Helping endangered animals helps the planet

Treating wounded pantherA zoo might initially seem just to be there for the viewing of animals and the curiosity of the man, but there is much more to it beneath the surface. Zoos such as the Spring River Zoo take on a special project to save the endangered animals through selective breeding, artificial habitat, and other specialized techniques. This is mainly to save the species that are at risk mainly due to human activities.
Carelessness as little as forgetting to turn off the light when we leave the room have an effect on the living condition of these animals. In the lands and forests, the alarming rate of deforestation has led to animals losing their home, and therefore, struggling to survive.

The sea has been contaminated with chemicals from unethical factories and these chemicals make the lives of the creatures difficult. Seemingly small activities such as disposing plastic bags and bottles into open water have a larger effect on the local eco-system.

Even the animals living in the remotest of mountains are receiving threats from the growing human population and their effort to spread out and occupy inhabited lands. There are many natural causes that play a prominent part such as forest fires and earthquakes, but the human activities are quite unjustified and need to come to a stop.

To compensate for our irresponsibility towards Mother Nature, quite a lot of conservatories have arisen recently. They work hard to make sure the balance in nature is maintained by planting trees and making sanctuaries for animals.

Feeding a giraffeSpring River Zoo is one of the main conservatories in the New Mexico region. They do a great job in making sure that the animals feel at home. The endangered animals are selectively bred and taken special care to make sure they live naturally and reproduce. Investing into the research required to keep these animals alive is surely a very noble thing to do.

The investments mainly come from donations of the good people of the town and the tourists. While a group of selfless scientists spend their time in the facilitation of the breeding, a very enthusiastic team of zookeepers are always ready to help out. Some of them have also been reported to have made friends with the koalas and the lemurs. These people go out of their way to make sure that the animals are at comfort.

Animals such as the miniature horses and llamas bring much diversity to the zoo and our nature. They must be protected in order to educate our future generation.

The Spring River Zoo has already showcased its ability to preserve animals as their Prairie Dog Town contains eighty prairie dogs, bison and burrowing owls. They have descended from a dozen of animals that were brought to the zoo after the construction of the Wool Ball Stadium.

To further their effort into helping endangered animals, the zoo has been developing the World Safari Exotics that is going to be home to the exotic animals.

The importance of the preservation of these sorts of animals are quite noticeable. These animals showcase how diverse our nature is and all the curious ways living things thrive in the wild.

They also do much more than just be a source of entertainment – these animals are studied intently to understand the universe better and also help ourselves. Just as the airplane was inspired by the flight of the birds, the endangered animals can also assist us in unimaginable ways.

Our future generations should have the opportunity to view and study these animals. Lastly every animal out there is a part of a more detailed eco-system. The disappearance of one species can affect the ecosystem, and also the food system very badly.

To make sure the natural balance of nature is restored we should be more responsible towards these animals and also support conservatories such as the Spring River Zoo in Roswell, New Mexico.