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Roswell Not just UFO


UFO crash site signboardA quick search of “Roswell” will return quite a few results about the UFO incident that took place in 1947. A controversial crash of an UFO and a suspicion about the military trying to bury the hatchet has created quite a lot of space for the topic to get popular. But Roswell, with its enriched landscape, chances for outdoor activities and historic artifacts, have more to offer than just the UFO incident.

While the International UFO Museum and Research Center still plays quite an important part in the tourism of the town, there are other attractions that give the museum a healthy competition.  What is even more encouraging is that the local culture of Roswell is so fascinating that one can only visit and be amazed by it.

If getting to know the local culture more tops your list as a tourist, you might want to seek some insider’s tips. The local community take pride in their trails and tracks for cycling which has been recognized by people from other town as well. They celebrate this enthusiasm of cycling by holding the annual Roswell Cycling Festival. You can also choose to either take a walk down the historic showcases the town has to offer or let yourself go wild in the popular party that takes place downtown.


The Canton StreetRoswell holds attractions not just for the UFO fan or the visitors. There are all sorts of daily activities one would associate with a city the size of Roswell. The Canton Street is the major artery of commerce and city life.  The street is filled with restaurants, live music, shops and so much more.

To maintain the classic, rustic look, many of its antique horse carriage houses are still preserved. The Chattahoochee River flows down the heart of Roswell, giving the lively town a surprisingly peaceful look. The Azalea Park is home to those who love spending a warm Summer by the river, whether it be by strolling down the pathway, or kayaking in the water. The boats and fishermen tend to visit the Don White Memorial Park, a couple of miles East on Riverside Road.

The love for art thrives in the town. Roswell is a town for art patrons. Galleries are also quite abundant in Canton Street. Georgia Ensemble Theatre professionally stages plays, musicals and concerts, and has a running conservatory. The Anderson museum of contemporary Art is just another example of the town’s healthy obsession with art. Two hundred artworks are showcased in over nine galleries.

UFOs might be a factor into drawing attention to the town, but it definitely is not what makes Roswell great. Any tourist who is only looking for old time UFO hunting only, is in for a pleasant surprise in Roswell, New Mexico. But hey don’t get too crazy, tin foil ready, best vpn uk running cause they may be watching!